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Fire & Safety Officer (09M)

SUMACO MANPOWER - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Ref. SU2136164 Date Posted: 2016-12-12

Job Description

Job Purpose:

Lead and participate in the duties of the firefighting and rescue team. Inspect, test and maintain fire and safety mobile detection and protection systems/equipment and lifesaving appliances. Provide guidance and stretch effective supervision on all Fire & safety technicians and Emergency Response Intervention Team in all fire watch activities and ensure compliance with the safety requirements during normal & critical activities. Closely monitor performance of all critical life safety equipment & assume responsibility on necessary replenishments, refurbishments, phasing out and introduction of new requirements & necessary budget controlling. Effectively participate in development of UAE national Fire &Safety Technicians.


Dimension:                                                                 Other: As per DOA

                2.1 – Budget (Operating / Capital):

                2.2 – No. of Subordinates:                                            


Scope:  Coverage of all Fire & Safety /Emergency and rescue Equipment, procedures and activities throughout the whole of Company Field facilities in and possible adjoining (Bridged) barges to any of above facilities.                                                                           

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Participate in / lead a team engaged in rescue/firefighting/emergency activities with the proper use of fire, safety and lifesaving equipment/systems.
  • Overview , monitor , and enable preventive maintenance & inspection on the various types of , portable gas detection appliances ,fire, safety and lifesaving equipment which includes complete checks, servicing, repairing and supervising contracted assistants while undertaking maintenance work.
  • Control periodical inspection on fixed extinguishing systems (Halon, CO2, deluges, sprinklers, water, foam and dry powder), inspect, test and maintain fire hoses, hydrants, monitors, isolation valves and couplings.
  • Participate in regular safety firefighting/emergency drills and practical training / Emergency Team Members on the proper use of the fixed, portable and mobile firefighting equipment and systems. Provide training, liaison methods & guidance of fire, safety and Rescue to the On-Scene-Commander on Centre Complex and Satellites.
  • Overview inspection and basic maintenance of the personnel safety equipment; e.g. breathing apparatus, escape sets, portable gas monitors, safety harnesses and protective personal equipment.
  • Supervise and operate the available breathing air filling units & follow up necessary maintenance schedules, and inspection of units and perform quarterly sampling on produced breathing air for quality test, and maintain regular records & report to Team Leader and UZ clinic.
  • Operate, test, and maintain records lifesaving equipment such as life boats, life raft in addition to their basic maintenance. Act, when required, as a life boat coxswain for evacuation of personnel during emergencies/drills.
  • Ensure all primary safety devices / monitoring instruments & equipment are always in operable conditions prior and during hot works and critical / risky activities such as hot works on live equipment / pipelines, vessel entries, pigging operations, structure repairs, plant modification, etc & Keep the control over scheduled re-certification, and the repair/calibration of Hydrocarbon and toxic gas detectors.
  • Prepare Annual Operating Budget for UZ-HSE based on optimized requirements with close coordination with Fire Officer at UZCC.
  • Follow up and give guidance to all Fire technicians in CC and satellites and pursue their training requirements aspects.
  • Assist in in-house practical training on the use of fire, safety & lifesaving equipment & prepare the breathing apparatus / escape sets ready for training & use.
  • Records maintenance & updating for fire/safety equipment maintenance, inspection, testing and inventory.
  • Participate in prepare operating procedures, comments on emergency plans, and conducts related safe Job Analysis in his area of responsibility.
  • Participate in housekeeping campaigns and lead implementation of waste segregation & disposal practices on the islands
  • Conduct weekly coxswain training for all life boat captains and emergency response Teams & Helicopter attendants.
  • Directly responsible for the On Job training of new Fire technicians and the follow up National developees till integration according to pre-planned PDP.
  • Assist in promoting HSE awareness campaigns and logistical preparations / internal auditing for OHSAS 18001and EMS 14001 main and surveillance Certifications.
  • During his absence, if asked by UZ-HSE T/L to act in the capacity of a UZ-HSE Field Engineer to assume his routine day to day duties at Satellites and Wellhead platforms ensuring all the safety conditions and requirements are implemented.
  • During his absence, if asked by UZ-HSE Team Leader to act in the capacity of a UZ-HSE Central Area Engineer to assume his routine day to day duties ensuring that all the safety conditions and requirements are implemented.


Organizational Relationships (Work Contacts):

Regular contacts at all level with UZ-HSE Team Leader, UZ HSE- Engineer, technicians and company contractor’s personnel CNI to ensure to company’s fire safety and emergency procedures are correctly communicated and adhered to


Independence of Operations & Decision-making Authority:

Uses sound judgment whilst performing rescue operations & job watch and work permit activities and make instant decisions when first member at a fire or emergency situation. Such decision would however, be limited to those sanctioned in detail written emergency procedures which are usually checked at interim stages of assignment by the fire and safety hierarchy. Overview and sovereign complete control on Gas, Fire, and Life saving devices & equipment operation & ensuring continuous fit for purpose at all times. Stretch strict supervision and guidance on all fire technicians and Emergency Response team


Physical Effort:

Considerable physical effort during emergencies, training periods and job watch activities. Involves long period of standing and use of firefighting equipment. Working 75% of his time outside offices.






Work Environment:

Some office work (25% of day time), but most of the work time is spent outside where he is exposed to prevailing weather conditions, plant or emergency situations (75% daytime)



Minimum Requirements:

  • A minimum 2 years specialized safety diploma.
  • Extensive firefighting and fire preventive training and practice with associated certification equivalent to 2 years full time. Dynamic Fire Risk Assessment is mandatory pre-requisite.
  • 10 years’ experience as a Fire & Safety Officer with a background on fire prevention / firefighting & emergency response, out of which 3 years minimum serving at offshore locations at similar post.
  • A Chemistry Bachelor Degree holder or equivalent in an Engineering / Technical discipline or equivalent.
  • 7 years’ experience in firefighting and fire prevention in Petroleum Industry.
  • Valid UAE driving license, both heavy and light.


A Chemistry Bachelor Degree holder or equivalent in an Engineering / Technical discipline or equivalent.

Job Details

Job Location:Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Company Industry:Oil /Gas
Type of Company:recruitment
Job Role:Safety
Joining Date: Unspecified
Closing Date: Unspecified
Employment Status:Contract Hire
Employment Type:Employee
Monthly Salary Range:Unspecified
Manages Others:Yes
Number of Vacancies:5

Career Level:

Years of Experience: Min: 10 Max: 20
Residence Location: United Arab Emirates
Gender: Male or Female
Nationality: Any
Degree: Bachelors degree / higher diploma
Ref. SU2136164