Steadfast Commitment

Sumaco Manpower’s mission statement is straightforward: to be a steadfast and reliable manpower supplier to its partners, answering all their problems and meeting all their demands. As a leading manpower company the first thing Sumaco believes in is the power of its manpower. To be able to provide its clients with the right manpower, Sumaco's handpicked professionals are constantly groomed, trained and nurtured to hone their skill sets. Not only do they have complete knowledge and understanding of the marketplace and its requirements, but they are constantly involved in creating and updating database, setting the standards and innovating services and solutions to provide companies with the best talents and helping jobseekers procure the best positions.

But that’s not all. The company also prides itself in providing jobseekers and employees with countless career options that fit their requirements.



From the beginning, Sumaco is making every possible effort to conserve and protect the environment. In 2013, as an initial step towards this movement, Sumaco has decided that a new logo should represent the entire company and the vision that the company upholds. The colours blue and green signify the environmental ideals. The interlinked rings embody collaborative efforts towards a sustainable environment. The young plant symbolizes the growing results of the company’s efforts towards environmental awareness. This is part of our commitment to the society in relation to Waste Management Environmental issues, etc.