About Manpower

Having supplied more than 50,000 employees to leading companies in the UAE, Sumaco Manpower is synonymous with top-quality recruitment services. As one of the very few handpicked companies licensed by the Executive Council, it was established in Abu Dhabi in 1984 to provide approved manpower. Today, it prides itself as the first and most preferred choice of oil and gas companies in the UAE.
Over the years, Sumaco Manpower has built a unique rapport with leading companies in the oil and gas industry in particular and won their confidence. With the help of its overseas agents in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Romania, Philippines, Indonesia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Nepal and many more, Sumaco provides a full range of services for clients in almost all areas of services.





With the formation of UNITED ARAB EMIRATES in the early seventies, it was a dream of every citizen to make this new country a heaven for all residents, whether locals or expatriates. A marathon march for the national construction started and many national with multi-national companies joined hands for exploration of opportunities.

Sumaco was created to supplement the diversified activities of other members especially Sumaco Manpower Recruitment, Sumaco Enterprises & Sumaco Contracting who were offering their specialized services to the Major Oil & Gas Companies, Water & Electricity Department, Public Works and Housing Department and other Government Departments to the development of basic infrastructure of the country.

Sumaco has earned a reputation “The Reliable Supplier” for supplies and services to our worthy clients and associates inside and outside the country of United Arab Emirates

We are still committed to offer the “EXCELLENCE OF OUR SERVICES”.